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Faculty of Business Studies Business Quizz

Quiz event which deals with company histories, business strategies, well known deals, people in news acquisitions and future business developments. Here at FBS-KIT we conduct quiz competition on regular basis to improve the student’s confidence and IQ.

Guess the Logo of Foreign Banks
Nov 12, 2019

In the current week of logo quiz, we have presented some logos of foreign banks. Guess the logos and find out the banks which own them. Logo quiz games are a fun way of remembering the prominent logos of the big brands which we hear about in daily routine. In this business quiz we have compiled a list of 10 logos which particularly belong to foreign banks. Take a look at these business quiz questions and find out whether you are aware of these brands.

Top 25 Essay Writing- about Indian Economy
25 Nov, 2019

How the Indian economy is working in globalization era. What is the view of management students in terms of economic development?

Guess the bank from its tagline
Dec 1, 2019

In this MBA quiz we have brought for you a list of taglines belonging to foreign banks. Guess the name of the bank to enhance your business IQ.

General Awareness
Dec 12 , 2019

Here we bring for you an interactive MCQ quiz of 10 questions each that will test your GK. The questions from this quiz might be asked in top management entrance exams such as IBPS,SSC, and for Banks etc. The GK quiz will be about general awareness on latest happenings.

Guess the Conglomerate from its tagline
20 Dec, 2019

In this MBA quiz we have brought for you a list of taglines that belongs to top conglomerates across the World. Guess the name of the conglomerates using tagline as a cue.

All you need to Know about GST
Dec 29, 2019

Goods & Service Tax (GST) is an important topic for the MBA aspirants. Find out the latest happenings about the most important economic issue (i.e. GST) of the country.

Guess the Automobile Brand from its Tagline
Jan 3 , 2020

Guess the name of the famous automobile companies by taking a look at their taglines. These are famous taglines which are advertised often to promote these brands

Guess the Logo of FMCG Brands
Jan 17, 2020

Logo quiz is comprises of multiple choice questions that have four options each. You have to guess the name of the FMCG Brand by taking a look at the logo provided in each question. The logo quiz aims to enhance the brand recognition when you look at any logo. In the current week of logo quiz is about the fast moving consumable goods (FMCG) Brands of India. Guess the logos and find out the name of FMCG Brands.

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